Established standards have run their course. They have brought society convention, safety, the mundane, the usual, typical dogmatic function, default buildings, and a sole greed for monetary wealth. The safety of tradition keeps the world plugged in to an incoherant, stagnated state. A state where none speaks too loudly, experiences joy too joyfully, and strives for greatness too ambitiously. Tradition and the mode of thought has given man a dull sense of reality - one that is as a spectator to things that are alive and active - one that is active to things that are reproduced and non created. Accepting the image of the real as opposed to the real of the reality. Nothing is raw, clean and honest but is plastic wrapped, as it unfolds we find it void of a soul, void of any greatness, and void of any quality that would be described as wonderful, beautiful and crafted.

Because of this, LAI Architects practice architecture. To fight and defeat these ideas of the realness of image, and the mistaken ideal of the false sensuality of plasticity. LAI Architects have been immersed in the architecture of residential, commercial, industrial, office space, health care, hospitality, and multi-family building types for years. Growing out of a mountainous setting in the Deep Creek Lake area of Maryland the fluid studio also practices out of the urbane fabric in Morgantown, West Virginia. Employing an energetic, young and highly educated staff no project is too large or too small for LAI Architects to design as long as the work is bound to a striving for greatness, artful response and a rigid responsibility to quality and sustainable permanence. Architecture is a journey, a journey that leads a client by the architect to a monument placed responsibly upon the earth by the architect’s judgement, talent, will, and energy. Our architecture is not advant-gardist, contemporary or adherent to any modernistic, ancient or classic style, our design is exactly and precisely that. Our Design. We pour our heart, soul and passion into a project to find its idea, its character...a building is as a man or woman. It does or does not exhibit character, it does or does not obtain the graces of virtue, it does or does not contain quality. LAI Architects strives to increase the ideal of the building to an extremity of details, where the details contain the heart of a building, the heart of its own ideal. Through this we find the greatest wealth - the wealth of the individual soul of men and women - which contributes to a material wealth that is provided for by our good work, good relationships with clients and a great reputation in the constructive realm.


Urban architectural conditions that arrive at the studio are welcomed as a grandfather of the urban condition, with respect and care. The urban architecture of LAI Architects are constantly pushing the envelope of creating new spaces and places on the blocks of a thriving, and growing city. With the international presence of West Virginia University, LAI Architects looks to the broad future of expanding our realm to the global spectrum of architecture, while tapping the creative energy of a great university for upcoming projects. LAI Architects interviews, carefully, developmental clients that seek to commercially develop projects with quality over quantity. With a growing city comes a growing residential community. LAI Architects is servicing clients in a quality residential market, with extraordinary care and vision; projects are on the design boards at the LAI studio to be constructed on beautiful sites in the rural landscapes near Morgantown and Deep Creek area of Maryland. The firm, works closely with local craftsmen such as cabinet makers, steel fabricators, blacksmiths, and various consultants and engineers nationwide. LAI Architects utilizes a broad range of technological tools to obtain architecture, computer BIM (building information model) software, computer drafting software, graphic design software, physically built models of different materials, physical material and discipline written research.